RSA and Food Handlers Training

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Safe Food Handling are essential training programs for working in the hospitality and food service industry. The RSA course equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to serve alcohol responsibly, emphasising the importance of preventing alcohol-related harm, managing intoxicated customers, and complying with legal requirements. 


On the other hand, Safe Food Handling focuses on maintaining food safety and hygiene standards to prevent foodborne illnesses. Students will learn:

  • How to store food safely 
  • Handling and preparation techniques
  • Identification of food hazards
  • The importance of personal hygiene and cleaning practices
  • Legal compliance of establishments 


Students who complete this course will be able to work as bartenders, waitstaff, cafe or restaurant staff or liquor store employees. 


For course codes and UOC’s specific to this microcredential please contact eduCLick.